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Private equity company selling credits to pay for Louisiana wetlands, NY Times reports

A private equity firm is selling environmental credits to developers in an effort to fund the restoration of the Louisiana wetlands, the New York Times reports. The company, Ecosystem Investment Partners, hopes it can make a profit while doing the work required under the 2012 Comprehensive Master Plan for a Sustainable Coast, the Times sys.  

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Mitigation is more demanding than simply rebuilding, it requires rethinking.

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New sheet piling being installed on 17th Street, London Avenue canals

An Army Corps of Engineers contractor is driving new sheet piling along 1,359 feet of floodwalls just south of Interstate 10 on the Metairie side of the 17th Street Canal, and along nearly 4,000 feet of floodwalls at five locations on the east and west sides of theLondon Avenue Canal.

When the pile driving project is completed, the two canals will be able to safely hold water to 8 feet above sea level when the temporary floodgates now in place at the Lake Pontchartrain entrance of each canal are closed, and when permanent canal closure and pump stations now under construction at the lakefront on both canals are complete, said corps senior project manager Bradley Drouant.

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Expert Spotlight: Kate Orff, Founder, SCAPE / LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE, Associate Professor, Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation, New York, New York

Kate Orff is a landscape architect focused on sustainable design and urban water landscapes. Her firm specializes in integrating natural systems and infrastructure. To rehabilitate New York’s infamously polluted Gowanus Canal, she combined marine ecology with landscape architecture in an innovative scheme called “oyster-tecture.” At Columbia, Orff directs the Urban Landscape Lab.

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